Whether your child is a living room leaper, bedroom ballerina or backyard hip-hopper, our introductory dance classes expose children to different techniques and ways to stay active, all while having fun expressing themselves through creative movement. For the more experienced dancer, Y programs are a fun way to explore talents by learning routines and performing for a variety of audiences. Our goal is to bring the star out of each and every dancer by giving them the opportunity to express themselves in a positive environment and leading them on the path to a healthy lifestyle. 


Creative Movement (ages 2-5)

Does your child love to twirl, tumble, and leap? If so signup your little dancer for creative movement where they will discover and find out how their bodies move, explore, and create. Through creative and imaginative ways, the students will learn their right from left, strengthen their coordination and locomotion, and be introduced to rhythm. Students will also learn dance vocabulary and classroom etiquette, and present what they have learned at a showcase at the end of each session.  Click here to register


Ballet I (ages 4-8)

In Ballet I, students will learn the basic positions of the feet, arms and legs, barre work, center floor work, jumps, and turns as well as stretches. No previous ballet training is needed.  Click here to register


Ballet II (ages 6-8)

In Ballet II students build on the movements from Ballet I to learn third position. More complex barre exercises teach the students how to use both their arms and legs together at the barre. They also learn more complex center floor work, stretches, jumps, and turns.