Swimming With Autism

April 28, 2014


Autism Swimming at the Y for children"

For over two years, High Ridge has been offering the “Goldfish” swim class for children with autism and special needs.  The class has a very small teacher to student ratio, usually 2:1 (all pending the needs of the children).  Our teachers use toys, cue cards, gestures and  floatation to help each child to their best ability.  This video shows tools and resources that we use when teaching swimming to children with autism.  We also love this video because it stresses the importance of learning to swim as well as how beneficial it is to children.  

video courtesy of reallookautism.com

High Ridge YMCA currently offers the Goldfish swimming class on Fridays at 5:45pm.  We also offer private swim lessons as well.  Recently, we have created a family swim night for families with children with special needs.  We host this on the 3rd Saturday of every month on Saturdays from 7:00pm-8:30pm.  This swim time is for children with special needs and their entire family.  If you have any questions please contact Anna Koperski, Aquatics Coordinator at akoperski@ymcachicago.org