Member Story Sharon Scruggs

March 27, 2014


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Ms. Scruggs Story:

“I have been amember of the HRY for over 3 years.  The Y has been good in helping me achieve some of my fitness goals.  One of those goals was to complete all four towers of the Presidential Towers.  (I did the stairclimb in 2012 and 2013 where I completed one Tower the first year and 2 Towers the second.)  I worked on achieving the goal of 4 Towers by working out at the Y using the StairMaster, Treadmill, Bike and the Elliptical.  What was different about my training this year was that I added Zumba and Line Dancing taught by Susan Mies and Ro Stevenson (Dancing made my legs and thighs stronger).  On some days I was really “feeling the burn.” I decided to do the stairclimb at Presidential Towers because it was a challenge for me and it was for a good cause - raising funds for the Americal Lung Association.  In the end, on March 09, 2014, I completed 4 Towers which consisted of 45 floors each.  As my intention was to finish I did not focus on time. Whatever my next fitness goal may be, I am sure the High Ridge Y will have a part in me achieving it!