High Ridge YMCA Stroke Clinic

February 27, 2019


Want to improve your swim strokes"

Stroke Clinic

Love to swim, but are looking to improve your form and technique? Stroke Clinic is for you! This program is offered at beginning/intermediate, and advanced levels, and focuses on developing and improving technique for competitive strokes, starts, and turns. Clinics are run by experienced, YMCA certified competitive swimming coaches that are dedicated to helping swimmers reach their personal and team goals.Clinics are available for ages 6 – 21 years old.

Clinics cost $50M/$100NM for four weeks and meet for one hour once a week.

 Beginner/intermediate swimmers meet 6pm-7pm

 Advanced swimmers meet 7pm-8pm. 

Dates/times offered:

Tuesdays April 2nd - April 30th

Wednesdays April 3rd - April 24th

Thursdays April 4th - April 25th

Fridays April 5th - April 26th