Swim All Winter Long

December 01, 2017


Registration for Winter Swim Session Opens 12/11!"

We don’t just teach people how to swim. We teach children and adults how to stay safe in and around the water, whether you’re in the pool, by the lake or at the beach. And we’ve been doing it for 130 years.

About Our Swim Lesson Offerings

We’ll teach your child to swim confidently and stay safe. You’ll receive resources and weekly feedback to help you become an active participant in your child’s learning process. Together, we’ll focus on water safety, having fun and building character.

To register, just sign your child up for the appropriate age range (Parent/Child, Preschool or School Age). On the first day of class, instructors will determine the starting “stage” for your child and place them into the appropriate lesson group. From there, children progress at their own pace.