Member Spotlight: Anne Slavicek

December 01, 2017


Anne has had such a transformation!"

Member Spotlight: Anne Slavicek

Anne has been a member of the Y on and off for years. She struggled with staying committed to her workout plan and controlling her weight. She had many of the side effects of being overweight and was feeling that she was on her last chance to do something about it. She was close to having another surgery on her knee and decided that if she didn’t get rid of the weight the knee surgery wouldn’t be helpful. While weight loss surgeries are not for everyone she and her physician decided that she was a candidate.

Since August of 2016 Anne has lost 90 pounds. She no longer needs the knee surgery and her blood levels are all within normal ranges. She says she feels great; better than she thought she would.

Anne came back to the Y after a significant weight loss to start to build muscle and increase her cardio. Why the Y? She wanted to be a part of the community. She knew that the Y helped the community and families and wanted to be a part of that kind of gym.

Anne continues to make strides in her fitness goals and has noticed a big difference in her daily life. We love seeing Anne at the Y every time she comes in. Keep up the great work Anne!