FREE Wellness Consultation

May 29, 2018


Meet with one of our highly trained staff to discuss and implement new health living habits to meet your goals. "

Wellness Consultation at the Y

Why should you sign up for a wellness consultation?

  1. Receive guidance specific to your goals, exercise experience, nutritional habits, and wellness goals.
  2. Learn about the most common nutrition and wellness myths and discover positive healthy habits.
  3. Learn about programs, classes, and equipment at your Y that can help you achieve your personal goals.
  4. Wellness Consultations are a FREE benefit of your Y membership

A trained wellness consultant will guide through each step of the process to help you relize your true potentional. Each consultation is tailored to your personal needs and your goals. The Greater LaGrange Y offers dozens of group exercise classes a week as well as individual, partner or small group training. We have plenty of options to help keep you motivated throughout you r healthy living journey!

Please call the front desk to schedule your appointment today! 708-352-7600 or contact Fitness Coordinator Matt Gillette