Youth Fitness and Dance

It's never too early to introduce the smallest members of your family to ways to stay active, enjoy healthy competition and build confidence with these fun and engaging Youth Fitness and Dance classes.

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Supervised Parent/Tot Sports (Ages 2-3)

This interactive class includes non-competitive activities like catching, throwing, kicking and tumbling, combined with creative movement and props. Each fun-filled class builds exploration skills, cooperative play and age appropriate motor skills.

Basketball Level 1 (Ages 3-5)

Preschool Sports

Your child will work on the basic fundamentals of basketball, such as passing, dribbling, and movement. These classes will focus on hand-eye coordinato and introduce the ideas of sportsmanship and team play.

Preschool Sports Assorts (Ages 3-5)

Want to extend your preschoolers day? Sign your child up for an interactive sports class where your child will learn about the many different sports while developing large and small motor skills. All preschool students qualify for a $5.00 class discount!

Tae Kwon Do Tots (Ages 3-6)

Let the little ones gain a foundation in this ancient art of self-defense. Tae kwon do develops discipline, concentration, confidence and leadership while improving flexibility, speed, strength and stamia. Uniforms are not required for students with no belt or a white belt. Uniforms are required for belt testing, and for participation at the yellow and higher belt levels.

Zumba for Kids

Teammates (Ages 4-6)

Children will develop basic sports skills in a fun-filled class. Games and activities focus on concepts of sharing, cooperation, taking turns and team work.

Basketball Level 1 and 2 (Ages 3-8)

Improve your child's passing, dribbling and shooting skills. Sessions focus on teaching players new offensive moves by developing the footwork and ball skills necessary to play the game well. Skill sessions are great for players on any of your Y leagues, or for any player who just wants to improve their skills.

*Children in Educational Preschool can be walked to this class by their teacher. Parents are required to pick up their child when the class is done.

Ballet (Ages 3-7) Ballet

Bring your imagination and be ready to have fun as we do ballet stretches, simple ballet positions and ballet-based story dances. Themes will be nature, seasons, fairly tales, and children’s stories

NEW! Hiphop for Kids (Ages 5-8)

Keep your kids active while you exercise! Whether your child has no dance experience or loads of rhythm, mastering the hottest hip hop dance moves has never been easier! This class has many benefits and is a must to improve a child's fitness, confidence, coordination, flexibility and concentration. "Keep your kids active while you exercise!" – Hip Hop for Kids is scheduled at the same time as some of our most popular free adult-classes.

Homeschool Gym (Ages 5-14)

Students rotate through a variety of sports and training disciplines with a focus on fundamental skills and team building.

Tae Kwon Do and Tae Kwon Do Advanced (Ages 5+)

Tae Kwon Do develops discipline, concentration, confidence and leadership, while improving flexibility, speed, strength and stamina. Fmaily participation in classes is encouraged.




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