Safe ‘n Sound

We offer students care before and after school, through our Safe 'n Sound program, in partnership with the school districts. The program is offered in most District 203 and District 204 elementary schools.

Safe 'n Sound is a place where kids are safe and have fun. This program is also designed to meet the needs of working parents. You can work during the day, knowing that your child is in a safe and constructive environment located conveniently in many area elementary schools.

YMCA Safe ‘N Sound School Days Out (grades K-8)

When school’s out, camp is in! If you’re looking for a safe, fun-filled place for your child to go when they’re off of school and you still need to go to work, look no further. School Days Out is a great opportunity for your child to participate in a fun eventful day at the YMCA Safe ‘n Sound. Daily themes and different activities that include: field trips, interactive crafts, physical activities, science, and so much more! We are here to make your child’s day off the most fun it can be! Locations: Fry Family YMCA 2120 W. 95th St. Naperville, IL 60564 Elmwood Elementary 1024 Magnolia Ln. Naperville, IL 60540.  Click here to register

Before and After School Programs at Safe ‘N Sound

For over 30 years, the YMCA Safe ‘n Sound Program has provided youthcentered enrichment programs designed to meet the developmental needs of school age children with an emphasis on experiential learning, social and emotional development and the promotion of healthy living. As a leader in youth development, we understand the importance of providing our participants with a balance of academically rich activities as well as an enhanced focus on overall physical well-being. Our program designs experiences that help your child learn, grow and thrive. Our staff are caring, trained leaders that are role models who implement activities that promote cooperation and character development. Parents can be productive at work knowing their children are in a safe and stimulating after school environment. Safe ‘n Sound offers before and after school programs in your child’s school throughout District 129, 203 and 204 in Naperville and Aurora. For more information please contact us at 630.585.2207 or visit our website at

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