Members Show Appreciation to Employee Gary Walter

August 24, 2016



“Say My Name,” a hit song by Destiny’s Child, is what Y members love about maintenance employee, Gary Walter. For years supervisors train staff to “Be like Gary, he memorizes the names of all the regulars!”

Gary knows hundreds of names, and those hundreds of members all love him for it! So much so that they got together and hatched a plot. They decided to ask around who was the best staff member: The unanimous name given confirmed it: Gary Walter! 

Waking up 
3:30 am every day is not an easy thing to do. Turning the lights on, making sure there’s salt on an icy morning, shoveling the sidewalks, starting that first pot of coffee - we all take these things for granted. On top of that Gary also comes in on his day off to print out work orders for his co-workers and play basketball with the gang on Wednesday mornings. Y staff are doing their best to help members stay healthy and keep the facility clean, but Gary always makes it personal, treating everyone as “family.” 
On their own, members wanted to do something special to let him know how much they all appreciated him. They collected money and very early on an August morning surprised him! Gary was presented with a basketball jersey “Walter 1 MVP” during a basketball game. He also received a Friendliest Staff certificate autographed by the Fry Family Y staff and the members who handed it to him. Gary was surprised and humbled.
We exist to make members feel glad about choosing the Y. Members, in this case, honored their favorite staff member, and Gary “feels the love” right back.