Meet Member and Employee Heather Reyes

January 27, 2017


Group Exercise Classes, Diet and Swim Lessons Transformed Her LIfe!"


Heather Reyes, her husband Melanio, and daughters Olivia and Astrid have been Fry Family YMCA members for two years now. As you can see in her before and after photos, she’s experienced quite a transformation in that period of time!

When we asked Heather what her secret was she was quick to say that it was the free Group Exercise classes that we offer that drew her in. She first went to Zumba with Liz and discovered that she loves to dance. She gained confidence by taking Cycling with Jessica. Then she discovered Les Mills and is a regular in Body Jam, Body Pump and Body Attack classes with Maribel, Victoria and Jenny! As a matter of fact she attended all of the classes at our recent Fitness and Program Fair and was in the front row!

Heather got hooked on the workouts that she receives in these classes, but also discovered that she enjoys the social aspect and having others push her. It’s not necessarily the competition, but they instead choose to celebrate their successes together. She loves the sense of community in these classes. As a matter of fact, the whole family has learned that everyone is better off when mom gets her workout in. Through this she also is doing her best to teach her kids healthy lifestyle habits.

By the time Heather had worked up to taking classes 4 to 5 times each week she decided to add a diet component, and soon the weight really started to come off! Not everyone can afford nor wants to do Personal Training. Although the Fry Y has a great team of trainers who work with many of our members, Heather’s preference was to take advantage of the free member classes and combine that with a whole food, low carb diet. That combination along with a lot of determination on her part resulted in a weight loss of sixty pounds over a ten month period! As a matter of fact Heather will soon be featured in Prevention Magazine.

Heather’s daughters also enjoy coming to the Y. They have been enrolled in our swim lessons and have had different journies. Her youngest daughter has no fear of water and at 13 months was enrolled in Private Swim Lessons. She worked with our Aquatic Director Ellie Liebovitz and was swimming before her second birthday! Her oldest daughter is enrolled in Adaptive Swim Lessons and went from being fearful of the water to trusting and happy. Seeing both daughters exhibit such massive change and confidence created a desire in Heather’s heart to give back and be a part of the program.

Through watching her daughters take lessons she developed a relationship with Ellie and Jenna Dodson, our former Assistant Aquatic Director. They told her about their need for swim instructors and asked her if she’d like to join our team. Heather had always taken swim lessons as a chiild but was never an athlete. But you just need to know how to swim and have a desire to help others to be an instructor! She loves the new swim lesson format and concentrates on teaching beginners and Adaptive Swim Lessons. Heather says that she has seen huge progress in the confidence of the kids who are enrolled as it delays the introduction of strokes to get a good strong floating foundation and confidence that the water can hold you up. Then you go from there!

We’re so thankful that Heather and her family joined our Y. To loosely quote our mission statement, “They are an example of how the Y is more than a gym. We’re the nation’s leading nonprofit committed to strengthening our community. We strive to nurture the potential of every youth, teen and adult, and improve the health of everyone.” And along the way we inspire members to become some of our best employees and professional role models.