Join our Community and Participate in Member Appreciation

September 24, 2015


Introduce your business to our members-offered on the 15th each month!"

Calling all businesses in the Fry Family YMCA south Naperville area!

On the 15th of each month (unless it falls on a weekend), the Fry Family YMCA allows local businesses who offer services that would be beneficial to the well-being of our members to set up a table and introduce themselves. We are looking to expand our vendors and give more businesses an opportunity to let our members see what you have to offer. Here are the requirements:

1. You do business locally.

2. You bring something to give away such as a free sample or coupons.

3. You set up a table that is inviting to members and interactive.

4. Plan to be here for 2-3 hours, either 9-11:30am and/or 5-7:30pm.

We will promote your visit on facebook and a sign in our facility! 

To sign up for one of our upcoming dates please drop off your business card/flyer at the front desk to the attention of Member Appreciation. You may also email us here