Meet our November Super Staff Winner: Courtney Bradfish

November 01, 2018


Meet our November Super Staff Winner: Courtney Bradfish"

On some sports teams, you may have heard the term “utility player” or “jack of all trades”.  This month’s Super Staff Winner is one of those team players.  Meet Courtney Bradfish, a Member Services staff member, but definitely a center-wide Foglia team player.  Besides being a welcoming face at the Greeter stations, or at the Member Services Desk, Courtney also shares her time on the Fitness floor and off site in our After School program.  Additionally, she is training to become a center Manager on Duty. She has a full plate, but is eager to expand her professional horizons now that she is a college graduate.

Courtney grew up in Lake Zurich with her parents and older sister.  They participated in the Foglia swim program when they were young and on the day Courtney turned sixteen, she headed straight to the Foglia Y (immediately after she got her driver’s license first) and signed up for her own membership.  As a LZHS lacrosse player, she enjoyed working out and lifting weights.  She enjoys the fitness challenge of pushing one’s limits and remains very active here at the Y.  “Fitness is also a great reliever of stress”, she notes.  She is also an avid Taekwondo enthusiast, holding her 2nd degree black belt and teaching for the past 10 years, so staying in top form is essential.   Courtney attended Grand Valley State University in Michigan, transferred to Illinois State University and has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Sciences. She is currently pursuing a career in law enforcement.  As a police officer, she can pursue her passion for service and providing a positive influence in the community. These personal goals align with her roles at the Y.

Courtney is passionate about volunteering and giving back.  She has participated in several service projects and Mission trips that support social issues and environmental causes that are near and dear to her heart.  She describes the Foglia Y “…as her home away from home.  I love being here and am very close to members and staff alike.  This is my extended family.”  Courtney sees all of her Y roles as building relationships, getting to know other’s goals and aspirations and helping them be who and what they want to be, a very mature outlook from such an accomplished young woman. 

On a personal note, besides her expanded Y family, Courtney has 10 first cousins.  She loves spending time together with them and just hanging out.  Their favorite activities include cooking together or eating out.  Courtney loves to cook herself and is definitely a foodie, breakfast being her favorite meal.  Her current area of culinary exploration is unique homemade ice cream combinations.  Often the Y staff is the beneficiary of her experimentation.  She also is a connoisseur of Micro Breweries and is always looking for new IPAs to try. She enjoys traveling and taking road trips and has adventured to Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arizona this year alone. She loves all water sports, hiking, snowboarding, and any other activities that involve the outdoors.

On the more passive side of Courtney is her love for music.  Her father taught her to play the guitar when she was very young and she has found it has great calming qualities.  She began writing her own songs with lyrics as a way to cope with life’s challenges and recorded her first album at the age of 13.  She reflects, “It wasn’t very good, but it was honest and from the heart and who I am.”  She continues to write lyrics and plays the piano and drums in addition to the guitar.  She loves the groups Mayday Parade and Def Leopard as well as some of the older sounds of Aerosmith and REO Speedwagon.

Courtney is a vibrant, enthusiastic and engaging member of the Foglia staff and we are so happy to have her on our team.  Thank you Courtney for making everyone feel so welcome and part of the Foglia community.