Foglia Super Staff for December

November 29, 2018


Meet our Staff Giving Champions"

This month, we recognize a group of individuals that epitomize the caring and dedicated staff here at Foglia.  As a charitable organization, we ask all of our staff to live the Y’s mission each and every day.  Sharing an encouraging word, recognizing our members as individuals, caring about their stories and supporting our community at large is what we do. We also ask our team to help support the mission through personal contributions.  This month’s Super Staff are the team members who have volunteered to take on an extra role to help educate others in the mission we serve and the importance of the work we do and ask for their financial support to help make the Y accessible to all. 

Our 2018 Staff Giving Champions are:  Chris Depalma, Heather Reinert, Zach Berman, Abram Reynolds, Judy Reilly, Anne Cunliffe and Missy Gudgeon

We all have a Y story, and employees are no exception.  Whether you were raised as a Y kid, or had an impactful experience at the Y, we all believe in the mission.  Often, we do not see the impact we have on others and our community, but the work we do is important.  The Foglia Team is dedicated, professional, passionate, and committed to supporting the values of the YMCA.  Our Champions are also leaders within their departments and are willing to help share staff Y stories and reinforce the difference each employee can make.

We salute these team members for stepping out of their comfort zones, sacrificing their personal time, and helping live our cause. 

Thank you for being our Super Staff!