Elmhurst Y Guides


YMCA Adventure Guides is a family program designed to promote father/son bonding activities for a father and his 5-11 year old son. In YMCA Adventure Guides, parents lead, influence, and teach while presenting opportunities for children to explore the world around them. They lead by example as they set their children on a path through life.

The Elmhurst Y-Guides is organized into two tribes: Eagles & Sharks, based on where your son goes to school, and/or which group your son’s friends are already in. Our schedule consists of three overnight campout events per year and several nightly events spread throughout the school year. The campouts take place at the same sites every year, which allows you and your son(s) to create lasting memories over your time in the program.

At each campout, there are fun activities along with the bonding and friendships that are created through cooking and grilling by the campfire, having a group sleepover in heated, dorm style cabins with bunks, and participating in adventures and events that are uniquely available to the Y-Guides organizations through the YMCA Camps, (Crosley and Tecumseh).

Every February is our annual winter campout at the Wilderness resort in the Wisconsin Dells, which offers a great opportunity to get out of the cold, dreary days of winter and spend a great weekend with your son and his/your friends in the great 3-bedroom condos.

Don’t be left out of one of the great Elmhurst traditions – join today!


Program Goals

Elmhurst Y-Guides 2016-2017 Events Schedule
August 7, 2017

Y Guides Open House (7:00 p.m.)
Elmhurst YMCA

August 25, 2017Laser-X  7-9pm
September 22-24, 2017

Fall Campout #1

Camp Crosley (Indiana)

October (TBD)Wendella Boat Tour (Chicago)
November 3rd-5th, 2017

Fall Campout #2

Sherman Lake (Michigan)

Novemer 17th-18th, 2017

Brookfield Zoo sleepover & Tree Decorating

December 6, 2017

Community Service Event & Ice Cream Social

Yorkfield Food Pantry

December 28, 2017

Harlem Globetrotters

United Center

January 6, 2018

Elmhurst YMCA Lock-In

Swimming, skating, reptile guy and pizza

March 2nd-4th, 2018

Winter Campout

Wildnerness Resort (Indoor Water Park) & Cascade Mountain Ski Resort

March 5, 2018

Monster Jam

Allstate Arena 

April 13th-15th, 2018

Spring Campout

Camp Tesumseh (Indiana)

May 28, 2018Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade 
May 31, 2018

Just Fun Amusements

Go carts, mini-golf, water-wars and batting cages

*All events/trips are tentative and subject to change*


Sign up Today! 

Stop by the Elmhurst YMCA today to enroll for the 2016-2017 Elmhurst Adventure Guides season! You do not need to be a member of the Elmhurst YMCA to participate.

Cost PER CHILD: $50/Members; $75/Non-members

A facility waiver must be completed for EACH child & father.

This is a FATHER/SON program.



Contact Bobby Smith bobsmithsen@yahoo.com or 630-329-1121 or visit our website