Member Spotlight - Ty Ferrell

October 26, 2017


Meet Ty Ferrell, a swimmer here at our YMCA!"

Ty Ferrell has been a member for close to six years…you might have seen him in the pool.  He lives in Northlake and has lived in the area for over 15 years.  He traveled the world while he served our country as a marine, on active duty, for eight years.  Ty is no stranger to Elmhurst.  He used to come here as a little kid…Elmhurst was his hangout.  His cousin went to Elmhurst College and Ty used to visit him there as well.

Prior to being a member, he had a stroke and was struggling through physical therapy…he felt off balanced, lopsided.  A friend of his recommended going into the water to help him through the pain he was struggling with.  At that time, Ty did not know how to swim so it was not an option.  He started watching a friend swim for several years before he finally got into the pool.  He started looking around to see what facilities were out there.  He decided to try the Elmhurst YMCA.  He received a trial membership to the Y and decided to test the waters.

He took one swim lesson class at a different facility, however, received most of his coaching from staff and members here at the Y.  They would give Ty some pointers and critiques to improve his stroke.  Ty started out swimming one length at a time and then would add another.  Now, he knows all the swimming strokes and he swims a little over a mile…no less than 500 yards every time he comes to the pool.  He swam his first 500 yards here at the Elmhurst Y and also his first mile.  Ty says he needs to be in the pool every day to benefit from it.  Not only has he lost 50 pounds, he says because of his swimming, he has discontinued yoga, most of his physical therapy, acupuncture, and cut his medication in half.  Swimming has also helped him with his range of motion, flexibility, digestion, sleep, and relaxation.  "If I have pain, I'll look at the clock to see if I have time to go to the Y and swim."

What does he like about the Y?  "I'm the type of person that if there's a better place to go, I'll go there, however, the Y has worked out and I recommend it!  The people are friendly…it feels like family.  The location, price, hours…everything seems to work.  It's a clean environment to work out in.  People are really working out to better themselves and care…it's very motivational.  The water at teh Y is very forgiving…meaning it's easier to swim in this pool.  The Y is more welcoming and the lifeguards have a better poolside manner than other facilities.  When you don't know how to swim, you want to make sure someone is watching and able to help if needed.  The lifeguards here do that.  A lot of safety precautions make me feel safe especially since I had a stroke."