Meet Jean Patrick, or as we know him “JP”

April 28, 2016



JP started with the Y three years ago when his parents were looking for well-rounded camp for him that was full day. JP was going into Kindergarten in the Fall so summer camp made the transition into the After School Care super exciting and fun. He’s returned every year since!

JP is no stranger to activities at the Y, since his first year here he’s been pretty busy participating in programs such as;

• 4 years of Summer Camp

• 3 years of after school care

• Group and Private Swim Lessons

• Ice Skating Lessons

• Hockey Leagues; Scooters and Mites

• Schools Out Days

• Flag Football and his dad was even the coach!


JP’s mom, Vanessa shared with us that he truly feels at home at the Y. His counselors have been so supportive of his endeavors - why last season they even came to the Mites game to cheer him on as he played goalie for the first time!  He knows he can count on the Y Counselors no matter what. He really loves all of them - every year they change a little, and all counselors have truly played a part in his growth/development but Derek, Justin, former counselors Cassie and Brian have all been influential for him!  He has changed so much over the years and the Y is a big part of his life.