Fall into fitness

September 23, 2015


Whether you?re a fitness newbie or a gym veteran, you?ll have no trouble falling in step with group exercises classes."

Looking to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance with a new workout plan? Look no further than Studio Y! Late registration is still available for Fall 1. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a gym veteran, you’ll have no trouble falling in step with group exercises classes. Just ask our members:

“TRX is the best class to get a total body workout in only 45 minutes!”

“I was nervous to try the class at first because I never thought I could hold a plank with my feet suspended in the TRX straps,” says Leslie Boeckel, “but I became hooked after the first class and eventually started doing push-ups in that position. TRX quickly became part of my weekly routine. I love to push myself during a workout and this class enables me to adjust the level of difficulty if I feel like it!”

“KettleWorx and Adult Boxing have helped me with muscle tone and speed”

“I’ve been a member of the Elmhurst YMCA since October 2009,” says Jennifer Gibson. I originally joined to get back in shape after having my son. The staff, instructors and programs are fantastic! My favorites are TRX, KettleWorx and Adult Boxing. I have seen my body transform to become stronger and leaner along with my running speed and distance improving drastically since participating in Studio Y.”

“Who knew I could do a clapping pushup?!”

“I’ve been telling friends for months how great the GRIT classes are,” says Evelyn Toreja. “In 30 minutes I get a challenging workout and I have seen great improvements in my strength and endurance. I’m doing things now that I could not have imagined doing 10 years ago. I always leave class grateful that I got out of bed and did GRIT. Thanks, Laura, and the YMCA!”

Are you ready to transform your fitness routine and your body?

At the Elmhurst YMCA, your first Studio Y trial class is free. Contact Laura Morgan, Elmhurst fitness director, at lmorgan@ymcachicago.org for information on class and unlimited packages.