Youth & Teen Leadership

Teen Nights

(Grade 5th-8th only) Teen Night is the second Saturday of the month*. Admission includes , swimming, water and land basketball, and (waiver must be signed by parent), gymnastic gym for 20 minutes. Watch for our flier of events for the year. Light snacks will be available to purchase at Green Leaf Cafe from 7:30-9:30 p.m..

* Teens must be in 5th-8th grade to attend Teen Night. Teen Night runs the second Saturday monthly through the year.

You must agreed to Buehler YMCA Teen Night Policies & Procedures before joining this program.

Pre-Teen Outings

Buehler YMCA has Pre-Teen Outing for when the kids are out of school.  This program is geared toward kids ages 10-14.  The schedule of this program is:

You should always send you kids with a lunch unless it is stated in the program description.  Pre Teen Outings have their drop off and pick up in the Teen Zone (loft above the FAC).  For questions contact Annie Yung 847-410-5233.