Member Spotlight

July 27, 2017


Meet the Mardis Family! Buehler regulars who have dedicated their lives to being healthy and strong TOGETHER!!! Read as Amber shares their journey to healthy living! "

Meet Amber and Jerrell high school sweethearts dedicated to healthy living not only for themselves but for their family

After I graduated high school we got an apartment and started getting comfy. I Put on ALOT of weight.

Jerrell and I have never been “on” with our health like we are today. He would be all in working out, eating healthy and I wouldn’t be, then I’d be on for a bit and he wouldn’t be. Crazy cycle we went through with our own fitness journeys.

Today we both are committed to a healthy lifestyle, we both are committed to being here for our kids, Aubri and Aiden. We are here at the Y 3-4 times a week, and there are days the front desk will see me TWICE! Jerrell can be found on the basketball court and you can catch me in class. (BodyCombat with Suzanne) or in the Wellness Center.

Our kids are very active as well, they are currently taking gymnastics and swim lessons at the Y. Those two are always running around (driving me crazy)

Our son, Aiden attends preschool there and our daughter, Aubri did the Extended Kindergarten Program. They enjoy their time in the Family Adventure Center (FAC) while we are working out!! The Y staff is so GREAT!! Always so nice and helpful.

We want our kids to know that it isn’t about being skinny, it is about being healthy and strong. By seeing us eat healthy and workout they do the same. Aubri and Aiden often join in on my at home workouts. We even ran our first 5K as a family July 22nd.

I have never been this focused on my fitness goals. I am even in the process of getting my Group Fitness Instructor Certification and will also be getting certified to teach Les Mills Body Combat.

Couples that work out together stay together.. cheesy I know but we are in such an AWESOME place right now and it had everything to do with taking care of ourselves and making ourselves a priority.