Staff Spotlight

August 31, 2017


Workout with Suzanne our superstar staff and rockstar mom as she shares with us how the Y has helped master the perfect balance of mom life and fit life. Read how the Labowicz family of 6 has created perfect "Hermany" here at Buehler through programming, fitness and MORE! "

We joined in 2010 when our oldest Robbie was just 10 months old. I was pretty overwhelmed as a new mom, and I remember being so grateful to have found a place where I could workout or shower in peace while Robbie was being cared for in the nursery. Little did I know that the Y became much more than just a place to get an hour or two of “me-time”. 

I found a whole network of people who shared everything from parenting tips, to funny stories to hand-me-downs. Casual meet and greets in the halls turned into playdates, “moms night outs” and close friendships. As my kids got older we put then in the preschool program. We have had kids in Levels 1, 2, pre-K, and K-counts.  The teachers have been amazing to my children and I felt that they were very prepared as they headed into elementary school.  

In the beginning of our membership, Mike casually used the wellness center to do weight-lifting. He was part of a basketball league at work, but when he switched jobs he discovered a group of guys who played basketball at the Y. Now he looks forward to playing ball every Tuesday and Thursday morning with a great group of interesting (and athletic!) people of all ages. 

I too started out by using the Wellness center. I’d use the elliptical or stair machines and zone out to my music. A few other moms encouraged me to try some group fitness classes and I was hooked! After attending classes for a few years I discovered a class that I really connected with- Body Combat. I loved it so much that I got certified and started teaching it at the Y in 2014!  Shortly after that I got certified to teach Body Pump in 2015 and most recently CXWORX in 2017.  

I love teaching classes at Buehler. The members are so inspiring!  They always motivate me to try my best.  My colleagues are incredibly supportive. I love how we practice together, help each other out with subbing, and root for each others successes. The staff is always friendly and Buehler is definitely a place that I call “home”.

Be sure to check our fitness schedule online or on our app and join me for class!