YMCA’s Commitment to Safety

August 01, 2018


Here's how you can help keep the YMCA a safe environment for the community. "

We're committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. We count on our employees, volunteers, and members to let us know if they become aware of any criminal or unethical activity or violations of our Code of Conduct by contacting an executive, department or program director.

In situations where you prefer to anonymously or confidentially make a report, you may do so by calling the EthicsPoint Hotline at 855.249.5700, which is hosted by an outside provider. Concerns about child safety, violations of policy, illegal activity, requests for guidance regarding policies, as well as positive suggestions and stories may be reported to the hotline in strict confidence. 

EthicsPoint Hotline: 855.249.5700

For more information or to report online, visit ymcachicago.org/report

You can share stories about Y's impact in the community online, and we may feature it on the website.