Over 40? Here Are the Best Ways to Increase Your Strength.

February 06, 2018


New evidence points to two key strategies for healthy adults who want to get stronger."

You know that saying, "it's never too late to start getting healthy?" Well, it's true! But since our bodies change as we age, so should our health and fitness strategies.

New evidence, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, indicates two key changes healthy adults over 40 should make to increase their strength:

1. Lift More Weights.

2. Eat More Protein. 

"To answer the simplest question of whether taking in more protein during weight training led to larger increases in muscle size and strength, the researchers added all of the results together," writes Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times. "And the answer was a resounding yes. Men and women who ate more protein while weight training did develop larger, stronger muscles than those who did not."

The first point probably comes as no surprise, since weightlifting is often the first step for strength-trainers everywhere. But until now, no one had specifically studied the effects of weightlifting on strength for healthy adults over 40. Turns out, the best way to maximize your strength isn't weightlifting alone, but also increasing your protein intake.

Why? Because lifting weights actually causes (good) damage to your muscles, which your body then heals (and makes stronger) with — guess what? — protein. Adding protein supplements to your diet helps your body strengthen those muscles better and faster.

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