Organ Recipients Meet Donor’s Dad at the Kelly Hall YMCA

May 21, 2018


Six years after a heart transplant, Craig Clark met the recipients of his son’s organs at the Kelly Hall YMCA, and listened to his son's heartbeat once again."

On Saturday, May 19, Craig Clark travelled from Michigan to the Kelly Hall YMCA in Chicago to meet Taquan Hamilton and two other individuals who received his son’s organs six years ago.

Taquan, a 21-year-old from the West Side of Chicago, was the recipient of a heart transplant. He has been going to the Kelly Hall YMCA since the age of four and is currently a volunteer. His father, Tawan, also works at the YMCA.

It was the first time Craig met his son’s organ recipients in person, and it was an emotional moment when Craig listened to the heart that once belonged to his son.

“I’m just blessed. Just blessed that my son lives on through others,” said Clark.

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