National Day of Action: Help Us Save Funding for 21st Century Community Learning Centers

June 07, 2017


June 7, 2017 is National Day of Action and afterschool advocates, parents, students, and other supporters across the country are joining together to save federal funding for 21st Century Community Learning Centers."

Federal funding for afterschool and summer programs, such as the YMCA’s Community Schools Initiative, is at risk of being eliminated. 

We need your help! On June 7, 2017, National Day of Action for Afterschool, help preserve funding for 21st Century Community Learning Centers in the U.S. Department of Education’s FY2018 budget by calling your legislators.

Simply click here, where you will be redirected to a web page that will help you reach out to your members of Congress.

The YMCA of Metro Chicago’s Community Schools Initiative partners with 9 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) that are funded with 21st Century Community Learning Center dollars, to provide high-quality programs and services for students in grades K-8. In partnership with our schools, we serve on average 3,200 students and 650 adults per year in the Chicago area. Y-CSI programming includes Scholastic Spectacular, Dancing with Class, STEM, literacy, character development, health and fitness, and more; programming for parents includes financial and digital literacy, health and fitness classes and more.

Visit the Afterschool Alliance website to learn more.

Suggested talking points:

YMCA parents: My children participate in the YMCA Community Schools Initiative here in Chicago. The program is a lifeline for our family. [Share how the program helps your family, and what would happen if it closes.]

YMCA employees and volunteers: Here in Chicago, our YMCA Community Schools Initiative afterschool programs serves 3,200 kids and 650 adults on average per year. We depend on 21st Century funds to keep our kids safe and engaged after school. [Share a bit about the community served by your program. You could touch on a short story of how the program has helped a particular youth or family.]

Closing request for all:

Afterschool programs keep our kids safe, help working families and help students achieve more.

I would like to ask that the Congressperson please reject any proposal to cut or eliminate 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Can we count on your support?

Thank you for your time today, and for working for Illinois’ kids and families.

Click here to contact your representatives now.