Missing out on Swim Lessons as Kids, These Adults Are Diving In

June 20, 2017


Adults prepare for the swim season at the South Side YMCA of Metro Chicago by taking adult swim lessons. (Chicago Tribune)"

It is never too late to learn how to swim! Chicago Tribune reporter Nereida Moreno spoke to Julia Harper, a swim instructor at the South Side YMCA about the importance of adults learning how to swim. Harper says a lot of adults become discouraged when they see others progress faster, but she stresses that the important part is to know how to survive, not win.

Dorothy Jenkins, 71, Elizabeth Scott, 66, and Torniqua Sashington, 27, are participants in an adult swim class at the South Side YMCA. The YMCA of Metro Chicago offers beginning, intermediate and advanced level swimming classes for both children and adults. 

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Click here to enroll at one of the YMCA of Metro Chicago centers offering adult swim lessons today.