Member Profile: Luz Ciupeiu from the Lattof YMCA

September 11, 2013


Who: homemaker and mother Luz Ciupeiu

Member Since: 2006, Lattof YMCA.

Her Daughters Love: gymnastics, swimming, Kid’s Night Out, child care

Luz Loves: cycling, Body Pump, Kid’s Night Out (so she can spend time with her husband!)

Advice to Others: Never give up, and if you feel like you’re going to give up, go talk to somebody, because everybody at the Y will help you and motivate you to reach your goals.

Shout-out: Thanks especially to Katie, who runs the spin class, and to Mr. Tom from body pump!

What Brought Luz to the YMCA:
In 2006 I had knee surgery. In recovery I gained a lot of weight, and with three little ones to look after a regular gym wasn’t going to cut it. I started by trying to work out with machines and equipment at home, but I couldn’t do that and look after my kids at the same time. They weren’t having fun. I came to the Y because I knew I could drop my kids off and they would be cared for while I worked at the gym.

Her YMCA Story:
I’m 60 pounds lighter now than I was when I became a member! I couldn’t have done it on my own. I go to the Y on a daily basis, I take my daughters with me, and we’re all very happy. We also have a lot of fun on Family Nights. We try to play basketball together, but if the court isn’t open that’s okay because there’s always something else fun to do. We do open swim sometimes as well. My life is back with the YMCA. I’m planning to keep my membership as long as possible.

Otherwise, it would have been so hard to care for them. I don’t really have any family that could watch them, but the Y entertains them when I can’t. It’s amazing how friendly and helpful the community at the Y is. I was once in another club to keep fit and the difference is amazing. I never felt any of the friendliness and community that I do at the Y. I know all the people who go there and my kids know all the other kids and teachers working there. We have so many friends. It’s the best possible environment for my kids to grow up in. Everybody is completely dedicated to self-improvement and that’s what they’re learning from their role models there too.
I really do have a part of my life back, and I’m so happy about it.