How to Keep Your Family Safe Online

July 21, 2017


A few tips to ensure your children are safe while communicating and playing online."

During summer vacation, it’s easy for children to get lost on their phones for hours — especially if they aren’t being engaged in other ways.

An important tip for parents and guardians is to wait before allowing their child to create their own social media accounts. The longer children are prevented from sharing photos and information of themselves, the more time parents have to educate them on the “rights” and “wrongs” of using these sites.

Talking with children about what they can post online is critical, especially with new updates to popular networks that allow sensitive information like location to be easily seen.

Parents are also advised to hold weekly check-ups of not only their child’s social media accounts, but email and browser history as well. This way, parents can discuss with their children what actions are dangerous and unhealthy for their age, such as messaging strangers and visiting inappropriate sites.

Be sure to also allow for children to engage in other activities away from their phones and tablets. View your local YMCA center’s open gym and pool schedule to schedule physical activity into their schedule.

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