How Enrolling Your Child In Sports Can Help Boost Grades in School

July 27, 2017


Research shows that students involved in certain types physical activities perform better in the classroom."

According to the University of Illinois, playing sports can increase a child’s performance in the classroom.

Their research showed that engaging children in aerobic sports (running, soccer, jumping rope, etc.) helped students ages 8-11 perform better in both reading and math.

On top of giving children a boost with their schoolwork, students who participate in sports also develop a strong understanding of work/life balance and teamwork, which carry over into their adult lives.

Parents are encouraged to promote participation in sports for their children in order to boost their abilities not only on the field, but in the classroom as well.

Our YMCAs across Chicago and the suburbs host a wide range of sports classes and leagues for children, teens and adults. Sports include:

Be sure to visit the website for your local YMCA center and ask about what sports are available for you and your family to participate in this season!

Registration for fall sports opens August 7 for members and August 21 for non-members. Fall 1 classes start September 5!