Get Boys Reading This Summer With These 11 Tips

May 08, 2017


Boys of all ages are falling behind in reading, but experts offer creative ways for parents and teachers to encourage picking up a book this summer. (National Louis University)"

According to the U.S. Department of Education, boys have scored lower than girls in reading for the past 30 years.

Associate Professor of Reading & Learning at National Louis University, Sophie Degener, Ed.D, says male children have a difficult time developing literacy skills because they don’t get enough opportunities to read about topics they’re interested in, which decreases their motivation.

“Reading about sports, cars, video games, building things, etc. all counts as legitimate sources of reading material,” said Degener, who encourages young males to read comic books and graphic novels as well.

Degener, who is also the Director of NLU’s Reading Program, says a lack of strong male role models can also play a role. Male figures who demonstrate reading to be an enjoyable, “masculine activity” can influence boys’ reading habits.

Degener shares nine tips to help answer a common question among parents: “How do I encourage my son to read?”

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