Summer Day Camp Registration Is Now Open at Most YMCA Centers!

February 02, 2018


Start planning your child's best summer ever, today."

What if there was a magical solution that could:

Prevent your child's summer learning loss
Increase his or her self-esteem
Strengthen his or her mind and body
And help him or her make new friends?

Luckily, you don't need magic. According to experts, summer day camps provide all those benefits and more! Registration for the YMCA of Metro Chicago's 2018 Summer Day Camps is now open for most (but not all) locations across Chicagoland. Click here to register, or follow the links below to see each location's day camp program guide.

Buehler YMCA (Opens February 6, 2018)
Elmhurst YMCA
Foglia YMCA (Opens February 6, 2018)
Fry Family YMCA
Greater LaGrange YMCA
Hastings Lake YMCA (Opens February 6, 2018)
High Ridge YMCA (Opens February 12, 2018)
Indian Boundary YMCA
Irving Park YMCA (Opens February 5, 2018)
Kroehler Family YMCA
Lake View YMCA (Opens February 5, 2018)
Lattof YMCA
Leaning Tower YMCA (Opens February 12, 2018)
McCormick YMCA (Opens February 5, 2018)
Oswego Family YMCA
Safe 'n Sound
South Side YMCA (Opens February 5, 2018)
Rauner Family YMCA
West Communities YMCA
YMCA Camp Duncan