Member Profile: Adrienne and Jon Parsons from the Fry Family YMCA

September 11, 2013


Who: Mother and future personal trainer Adrienne and her self-proclaimed workaholic husband Jon

Members For: about a year and a half.

Best Things About the Y: many options, drop-in classes, easy child care, friendliness

Adrienne’s Advice: If you’re interested in anything, do it. You never know! It could be really great. Give everything a try.

Jon’s Advice: Whether you’re just going to do some cycling or hang out in the hot tub or whatever else, just make time for yourself.

Shout-out: We’d like to thank Health & Wellness doctor Audrey and personal trainer Diane at Fry. Both of them are amazing and supportive. They’re always willing to help you and answer your questions.

What Brought Adrienne and Jon to the YMCA:
Before we joined the Y we had already been to a few of the classes, and our sons had already been taking swimming lessons there. After having my sons, I wanted to be more of a role model to them. Being overweight just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I’d lost 80 pounds on my own but I recognized that I still needed some help to do more. We already knew the YMCA had some fantastic programs, so signing up for family membership made sense.

Their YMCA Story:
Adrienne: The YMCA really changed my life. I continued some of the classes I’d tried out before. I was able to lose a lot more weight, but more importantly, I’m a lot healthier and I’m happier with myself. The YMCA provides everything. The people there are incredibly supportive, and that goes for both the staff and the other members. You learn who the regulars are and become friends with them. You can go on vacation or just not come to the Y for a while, and when you get back, everybody will ask you how you’re doing, how you’ve been. My boys have made a lot of great friends here, too.

Jon: My story’s not as big, but the Y has still helped me, too. I work from home, so sometimes it’s a struggle to get myself to get out there and go places. Having the Y as an option has made it a lot easier for me to get myself to take that break from work, get up, head out and relax. It’s been great.

Both of us find it really easy at the Y. We can drop off our sons at child care for free, go work out on any equipment we want, drop in on a yoga class just to try it without enrolling for anything, make sure our children are safe in the water and do Parent and Child lessons with them. Joining the YMCA made our lives a lot better.

What Adrienne and Jon Have Learned:
Jon: We’ve discovered just how important it is to work for yourself. You need to give yourself the time and space to make the choices that will keep you not only fit but relaxed and happy, too.

Adrienne: The biggest thing I’ve found out in all this is that the number on the scale doesn’t matter. That was huge for me. I’ve lost 160 pounds but I’ve learned that that’s not what’s important. It’s more about how you feel and the lifestyle choices that you make. If you go up five pounds, so what? That’s life. It happens sometimes. But if you’re eating well and exercising, it’s okay. It was very freeing to learn that.

I just recently took the test to become a personal trainer. That’s what I want to do with my life now, and I would have never discovered my passion for health and fitness without the help of the Y. I’m really thankful to everybody there.