7 Days, 7 Ways Families Can Stay Active and Healthy Together this Winter

January 28, 2016


Change your plans, change your life. Here are seven ways to spend more time with your family this winter while staying active and getting healthier in the process."

Enjoying physical recreation as a family is the ultimate exercise in multitasking: you model healthy lifestyle habits for your children, work on your own health goals and get time to bond in the process. It’s a win-win!

It’s especially important to block out time to focus on wellness during the indulgent winter months. Here are some ideas to help your family keep moving in the right direction every day:

Monday: Start the week full of energy by taking a walk together first thing in the morning or right after everyone gets home from work and school. Discuss your goals for the week and pick an evening or two to make dinner together.

Tuesday: Bring your favorite warm weather activities indoors. As a member, you have access to 21 YMCAs across Chicagoland, which means you can swim, shoot hoops or climb a rock wall year round. Visit the membership desk to learn about the offerings at other Ys near you.

Wednesday: Try a family-friendly fitness class, offered at most YMCAs. Children as young as 3 years old can join in for interactive physical games, team fitness challenges, sports-related activities and even dancing.

Thursday: Turn household chores into a fun contest by breaking into teams and competing to see who can complete the most in one hour. Add in some jumping jacks, push ups or crunches between “sets” to keep your heart rates up.

Friday: Drop off your children at the YMCA and enjoy a Parent’s Night Out. Rewind and reconnect with your partner or friends while your kids enjoy a fun, active evening full of games and healthy snacks.

Saturday: Pack up the car and get outside for a day trip. You’ll get great exercise and work up an appetite from skiing, snowboarding or even pulling sleds up the hills of your own neighborhood.

Sunday: Spend the afternoon preparing some fresh meals to heat up for dinner during the week. Have your children help you prepare a healthy-sweet treat to pack for lunch, like muffins, trail mix or fruit salad.

Learn more: Join us at our Fitness & Program Fair Open Houses this weekend to learn more about how you and your family can stay active and fit in the new year. Decide to join the Y that day and you’ll pay $0 joiner fee, plus get up to 50% off most programs including personal training, swim lessons, sports programs and more!