5 Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress

April 01, 2014


Got stress? Chances are, you do. It?s the kind of anxiety that builds up from workloads, family obligations, chores and household duties..."

Got stress? Chances are, you do. It’s the kind of anxiety that builds up from workloads, family obligations, chores and household duties, plus not getting enough rest that can take a toll on your health. This is why the YMCA is dedicated to healthy living The Y is committed to providing opportunities and programs for parents and adults to stress less and live happily throughout their week.

1) Don’t go at it alone.
Often we get overwhelmed with stress because we tend to take on all the tasks on our own. Don’t let stress put you in a trap; you have support here at the Y to help take on the stress. As part of the community, our goal is to provide you a place where you can feel comfortable, meet new friends, have a light conversation or release your stress through a good workout.

2) Breathe right.
If you have a stressful moment, one of the best methods of handling it is to adjust your breathing technique. There are several different ways to help you relax and calm down without having to take anything in but oxygen.

3) Focus.
We can stress out when we get overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to get handled in a day or week. The key word is need. What are the items that you are giving more priority to than they really require? Stress less by focusing on what’s important. Prepare your daily tasks ahead of time and list the most important items at the top. Don’t worry if everything on the list doesn’t get done, do the best that you can and handle those priorities. It may help to keep an organizer, planner, or put notes and reminders in your phone.

4) Step away from the desk.
If most of your day consists of sitting down (commuting, working, etc.), then you have found another source of stress. A sedentary lifestyle is common and it’s also harmful to your physical health. Take a break about every 30-60 minutes from sitting and do a physical activity such as walking around the office, stretching your legs and arms, adjusting your posture so that you can perform better at work and home but also take unwanted stress off of your body. Are you guilty of eating lunch at the desk? Find out how you can reduce your work stress and increase productivity by having lunch away from your work environment

5) Get Active.
Physical activity can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Stress causes your nerves to tense up which can cause pain, inflammation and lock up unnecessary toxins in your body. Refresh yourself with a daily, 30 minute aerobic activity such as running, jogging, walking, cycling, and more. If that is too strenuous for you, take a relaxed approach to fighting stress by trying yoga, pilates, swimming or other low-impact sports and activities. The endorphins released from the body during your workout will not only help reduce stress, but you will feel naturally happy!

Want more helpful tips? Learn more on how to reduce stress and anxiety through a good workout here.

So what are you waiting for? Attend one of our group fitness classes, take a swim or simply take a deep breath and relax!