Branch Leadership


Leaning Tower Board of Directors

Todd Cabanban Board Chair
Amy Carbone Vice Chair
Ross Klicker
Michael Gustafsen
Mary Beth Manfredini


James Weaver


Leaning Tower Leadership Team

Andrea Tamillo Executive Director 847.410.5111

Rich Marsoun Member Exp.  Director 847.410.5128

Paul Sosa Maintenance Director 847.410.5103
TBA Aquatics Director 847.410.5121 TBA
Megan Granger Youth and Family Director 847.410.5124

Karen Prorok Fitness Manager 847.410.5138

TBA Sports Manager 847.410.5106 TBA
Sheri Mussar Member Exp. Supervisor 847.410.5117

TBA Member Exp. Supervisor 847.410.5107


Michelle Aleksic Youth and Family Coordinator 847.410.5115

Eddie Barajas Residence Manager 847.410.5135