School Age

Before & After School Care

The Lake View YMCA is proud to be working with Chicago Public Schools to provide quality childcare for children in elementary school. Fees are monthly. We encourage children to make positive decisions and incorporate lifelong lessons through art, team building, character development and homework assistance.

Our programs strive to accomplish the following goals:

Burley Elementary Before School 5-13 M-F 7-8 a.m. Call for info
Burley Elementary After School 3-6 p.m.
Chappell Elementary Before School 7-8:30 a.m.
Hamilton Elementary After School 2:45-6 p.m.
Peirce Elementary Before School 7-8 a.m.
Peirce Elementary After School 3-6 p.m.


Contact Ashley Kearney at or Niki McCoy at


School Days Out

When schools are closed, structured activities and child care programs help to keep your child safe, engaged, and learning. At the Lake View Y, our School Days Out program is designed for children kindergarten through 6th grade (age 5-13) and is a full day of activity for your child, including:

Regardless of the program, our dedicated staff makes sure children are developing the values, skills, and relationships that lead to positive behavior, better health, and greater educational achievement.

Monday, October 12 School Days Out
Wednesday, November 11 School Days Out
Friday, November 13 School Days Out
December 21-23 Winter Break Camp
December 28-30 Winter Break Camp
Friday, February 5 School Days Out
Monday, February 15 School Days Out
Friday, April 8 School Days Out
April 18-22 Spring Break Camp

$50 Members / $60 Non-members

Drop-off starts as early as 7a.m. and pick-up ends as late as 6 p.m. Your child does not have to be a YMCA member or a program participant to attend, but they must be pre-registered.

Register your child today by visiting the Lake View Y or calling 773.248.3333


Contact Ashley Kearney at or Niki McCoy at


Education Initiatives

Building a stronger Chicago by providing educational opportunities to neighborhoods that need the resources.

We believe we can advance communities by helping students learn more and develop the skills they need to succeed in school. We offer these programs at schools throughout the Chicago area.

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