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June 15, 2015


Confessions of a "dad bod" model."

Confessions of a "dad bod" model.

Guest blog by JP, member at the LAKE VIEW YMCA

The “dad bod” is a hot craze right now. Why? Honestly, I have no idea. I always thought my stunning personality, great hair and funny jokes were what people were into, but low and behold it’s all about the aesthetic. (Sigh) I guess it’s like Tom Cruise and Aviator glasses – I’m just naturally fashionable.

Honing this dad physique is not always easy. While I’m assured that my pirouettes and pliés are not up to par for child #1’s ballet class and I’ve been asked to remain quiet and sedate during child #2’s soccer games, my children have found other ways to help me get sweaty and work off any indulgences … that is when they haven’t run off to the child care area to play. My exercise routine includes:

Sculpting the dad bod can get quite competitive. A few friends and I have tried committing to arriving at the Y to work out at 5 a.m. and getting personal trainers to keep us motivated. Occasionally, some of us get together to play ultimate Frisbee, basketball, softball and fly kites, depending on the weather. And there’s the regular fashion show in the Lake View Y racquetball league. C’mon. Headbands, tube socks, eye protection and wrist bands just say it all, ladies.

Finally, a good dad bod model has to think about the diet. My little sous chefs help to make some tasty homemade meals like mac & cheese, sushi, the occasional gluttonous indulgence of hot dogs or kielbasas and our family favorite: pizza. My wife makes the dough, I roll it out (another opportunity to flex those arms) and the short artists decorate it.

I share this exposé in the hopes of helping men everywhere who are looking to sculpt their own fashionable “dad bods.” And ladies, I’m always available to lift heavy objects for those in need.



The Lake View YMCA is an equal opportunity supporter of “dad bods” everywhere. Whether you’re currently a dad, looking to become a dad, or just an average guy looking to sculpt your perfect “dad bod,” we can help. Contact us today!