Adventure Guides and Trailblazers

October 25, 2017


Spend quality time with your kids and create memories that will last a lifetime! Registration is now open for the 2017/2018 program. Check out some of our upcoming events!"

The Adventure guides program is centered on dads and kids spending time together. Crafts, campouts, horseback riding, bonfires and archery are just a few of the things we do!

What is Adventure Guides and Trailblazers

Most of us lead very busy lives and often wonder how to fit in quality time with our kids. This is where the Adventure Guides and Trailblazers in. This flexible program is designed for dads and kids to spend time together.

How it works

You will join a small group of other families and friends from your neighborhood or school. Your group sets its own agenda for the year and meets monthly for a brief ceremony, games, crafts, or even field trips.

There are even special Federation wide events that are offered  monthly to all program participants so that you can interact with other small groups as well.

The special events can include:

Thinking about joining? Check out our website for details

Upcoming events:
11/5 - Hike at Waterfall Glen
11/17 - Operation Turkey Drop
12/9 - Caroling & Crafts

Questions about the program? Contact Polly or Sheri, Adventure Guides program team, at 630.420.6270 or