Vaughn High School Visits Irving Park YMCA

September 26, 2017


New Faces at the Irving Park YMCA!"

Join me in welcoming the students from Vaughn Occupation High School this Fall! The students will be at the YMCA on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Vaughn Occupational High School serves students with mild-moderate intellectual disabilities, autism, social and emotional needs, and physical disabilities. Vaughn’s mission is to teach its students individualized, functional academics, emphasizing occupational development and independence. A focus on social and emotional growth is a key part of Vaughn’s philosophy. Vaughn is one of the a few schools recognized for its excellence in providing integrated programs that include students and adults with non-disabled peers from other schools and within the community. Students are also integrated through strong community and business partnerships.

Vaughn Occupational High School has been collaborating with the YMCA since August. The collaboration has created invaluable experiences for the students. At the YMCA, students are exposed to authentic recreational and healthy lifestyle experiences that we hope they can carry into their adult lives. The partnership has allowed for students to earn physical education credits in a meaningful and motivating setting.

Feel free to say hello to the Vaughn students next time you see them!