Build More Than Muscle

February 01, 2018


Adult Boxing "

Looking for a great boxing workout while learning proper boxing techniques? 

Join us this spring (February 19 - April 15) in our adult boxing and circuit training class.

Throughout this class you will learn the following: 

*Proper boxing techniques 

- Including proper stance, footwork, how to throw a variety of punches, etc. 

*Circuit training 

- Electrifying workout designed to condition the body by targeting strength building and muscular endurance

- Various circuites help keep participants interested 

- All-level class that allows participants to work at a pace challenges the individual  

When: Monday & Wednesday 

Time: 6 p.m. - 7 p.m

Cost: $105 Member / $150 Potential Member 

Drop in rate: $ 15 Member/ $ 20 Potential Member