What do I need to know about Physical activity and diabetes

October 07, 2015


Physical activity and keeping a healthy weight can help you take care of your diabetes. "

Physical activity helps your blood sugar, stay in your target range.  Physical activity also helps the hormone insulin absorb glucose into all your body's cells, including your muscles, for energy.  Muscles use glucose better than fat does.  Building and using muscle through physical activity can help prevent high blood glucose.  Strength training can be very key for diabetic exercisers.  Upon checking with your physician a good strength training class or program can show very strong results for diabetic exercises.  

The Indian Boundary YMCA offers many strength training program options that would include:

A great variety for any level.  Other options would include:


A great option is to go through one of our FREE Fitness Consultaitons - meet with our Fitness Consultant Gina Belmont and talk about your personal goals and what you want to achieve here at Indian Boundary YMCA.

To start a program:

1.  Talk to your health care professional

2.  plan ahead

3.  find an exercise buddy

4.  decide how you will track your exercise.


For more information contact Cheryl Green - Fitness Director at 630-929-2418