New Year Resolutions a new beginning for kids ages 7-12

December 25, 2015


New Years Resolution is for everyone!"

New Year's Day is the traditional time to celebrate a new beginning, and kids ages 7-12 are at the ideal stage to learn to make resolutions, experts say. "They're still young enough that their habits are not firm, and they are old enough to think about what a New Year's resolution is and to make their own. The Indian Boundary YMCA invites families to make resolutions together, make it fun and talk about it, use the YMCA for activities such as fitness classes, swimming and climbing together as a family, playing basketball as a family, try some of our family workouts, sign your young children up for swim lessons, youth fitness, sport classes or leagues.  Here are some tips to follow when making your resolutions:

Be a role model

Keep the resolutions simple

Concentrate on just a few and review them

Take small steps

Don't nag

Make resolutions a ritual


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