Meet Staff Member Ralph Alvarez

October 19, 2015


Ralph Alvarez has been working for the YMCA for 23 years. "

Ralph started with the Street Intervention Program in Logan Square.  He worked with SIP for 5 years as a counselor working with high risk youth.  Ralph is the Maintenance Director at Indian Boundary YMCA and has been with IBY for 18 years.  You will see Ralph at our facility very early in the morning.  Sometimes Ralph even gets his workout in before his shift begins.  

Ralph has been married for 26 years and has 2 kids in college.  Ralph DJs on the side for over 30 years and has also been doing photography on the side for 7 years.  

Ralph says "I love my maintenance job at IBY because everyday is never the same."  Ralph considers himself a people person and love to interact with all of our members.  

It is great to see Ralph each day as we enter Indian Boundary YMCA.  Great job Ralph!