Meet Staff Member Martine Henry

June 30, 2016


Martine Henry started out as a dancer and then started teaching fitness in 1978."

Martine Henry came to the Indian Boundary YMCA in 1997. She started out teaching our Super Senior class and then throughout the years obtained certifications that included; Pilates, Strength, Bodypump, Zumba and Personal Training. Most recently Martine passed her NASM Personal Certification which is an honor and great undertaking.

Martine is also a certified Red Cross CPR Instructor and teaches many of our CPR/First aid classes. 

Martine started with a background in dance and when she graduated from college worked with a small dance company. Shortly after she took all her energy and transformed it into all of the classes and personal training that she handles. A usual week for Martine is teaching 10 classes per week and she has 10-12 personal training clients.

Her philosophy on fitness is that there is always so much more to learn. Members don’t just come in for fitness, they come in because of wellness and medical concerns, and how they want to be strong enough for everyday life. Martine talked about a client that just wanted to be strong enough and have good balance to carry and hold a grandchild. Martine enjoys adapting each workout to the needs of her client and she loves the challenge.

 Martine speaks fluent French and one of her biggest pleasures is eating and cooking since she is married to a Chef. 

Martine loves the members at the YMCA and has developed friendships throughout the years. Many clients and students have been with Martine for over 10 years.