Meet Staff Member Louise Rizzo

November 15, 2015


Louise Rizzo has worked for Indian Boundary YMCA for over 10 years."

Louise Rizzo has been employed at the Indian Boundary YMCA for 11 years. She says she is fortunate to work with her close friend fellow MDS Sandy Bomicino for those 11 years as they started 3 weeks apart. Louise truly believes in the message that the YMCA organization stands for and is proud to be able to work for a company that helps people in the community who cares about their health and the health of their children but cannot afford full prices. "It is great that we are able to offer them a scholarship rate with the membership and children's programs". Louise likes to spend time with her family as she has been married to Michael Rizzo for 31 years. They have two children Alexandra and Joe along with two grand children Gianna 6 and Dominic 3. Louise is someone everyone knows at the IBY. "I work at the membership desk where I get to meet and talk with all of the members. We have people from all walks of life that will sit down and tell us their stories".