Meet Staff Member Donna Barnett

October 22, 2015


Donna works in our Fitness Department."

Donna Barnett works in the fitness department and teaches a number of classes. It’s interesting how she got her start at Indian Boundary because she used to bump into our Fitness Director Cheryl Green from time to time while she was working out as a member. Cheryl would ask her if she had any interest in teaching fitness classes.  Even though she has always loved fitness and athletic activities, Donna initially did not think that she would take her up on her invitation because at the time she was planning to get back into her legal career. Sometime around the third time she was asked to teach, something just clicked, like one of those classic light bulb moments. “It was like suddenly being a fitness instructor went from something that I just could not envision myself doing to something that I realized could actually be a really good thing”.  So she finally told the Fitness Director yes, while it took a couple months to get certified to coach GRIT and to teach Group Exercise, she started teaching thereafter.


Donna has been a wonderful addition to the IBY staff. She is praised as a hard worker and well loved by the members. Something you may not know about her is that she speaks Spanish, French, and plays the guitar, piano, and drums. Donna really enjoys teaching her fitness classes but even after class is over she will still find time to exercise and run outdoors. Her favorite experience being at the Y growing up is being around friends and family while doing all of the activities the YMCA has to offer such as birthday parties, swim team, and playing pick-up basketball games. “In my youth I had no concept of how special it was to have this place where members of the community can come together throughout the week to just play and learn and have fun in such a wide variety of ways, but now when I come here with my own son and get to watch him embark on his own set of adventures, it makes me realize how fortunate we are to be here”.