Meet Member Mardelle Vonderohe

June 08, 2016


Mardelle has been a member at the Indian Boundary YMCA since 2006, she is 80 years old, still active in her greenhouse, hiking and more. "


Mardelle was inspired early on about exercise and activity when she read a book by Dr. Cooper on the benefits of Aerobics and what it can do for you. Even back then she was using Dr. Coopers tracking system. Today she wears a fitbit and still tracks her activity.


When asked the question, “what motivates you to be active?” Her answer was it keeps me alive and if I have not been this active I would not be able to do all of the physical things that make up my life.


At age 79, Mardelle is active in her greenhouse and moves all of the pots in and out of the green house yearly on her own. Mardelle hikes yearly in Colorado where she has a home and has hiked mountains 14,000 feet. She has also hiked in California and has done Mount Whitney which is 22 miles 2 times. Once the hike took 14 hours and then after she started training at the Indian Boundary YMCA she was able to cut 2 hours off her time and completed that same hike in 12 hours.


Mardelle has been working with her Personal Trainer, Martine Henry for over 9 years. When working with her trainer they focus on muscles, balance and core. She has been able to maintain a strong back. Mardelle works 1-2 times per week with her trainer and takes Pilates 2 times per week. She enjoys using the indoor track at the YMCA which is so important to her so that she can continue with her walking/running safely indoors when the weather gets bad.


Mardelle loves the staff and members at the YMCA, they are friendly and fun. Martine and she have been working together so long that they have become friends and often lunch together.

When asked about how to motivate others for a lifetime of fitness, you first have to have the desire to do this and be active. She watched her Mom walk and be active all her life. It is never too late to begin, Mardelle has been exercising a lifetime, but it wasn’t until 2006 when she joined the Y that she learned about the importance of strength training. She also has seen too many older people not able to do the things they want to do because of inactivity.