Meet Member Kyle

November 05, 2015


Although Kyle had high aspirations, his swimming skills did not."

Scott saw some of the same swimming deficiencies in his son that he had himself as a teenager. By the age of 10, Kyle had already had 9 surgeries on his ears and was scared of swimming in a pool.  But at age 11, Scott realized that in order for Kyle to achieve one of his life goals, he would need swimming lessons. But what 11-year-old kid wants to be in a beginner Polliwog class with 6-year-olds?

Scott remembered the Indian Boundary YMCA taught not only group swimming lessons, but also private swim lessons. That was the right route for Kyle, and in 2011 Kyle and Scott were introduced to Roberta, one of our long-time swim instructors. 

Over the course of that summer, Roberta patiently worked with Kyle, starting with blowing bubbles in the shallow end. By the end of that first year together, Kyle had enough confidence to achieve his Boy Scout swimming belt loop and pin. Swimming lessons continued off and on for 3 years, with Kyle building up not only his swimming skills, but also his confidence in himself as well as his water comfort level. Kyle went on to get the next Boy Scout achievement – his swimming merit badge.

While Kyle will never be an Olympic swimmer, as too many other sports hold his interest, last weekend he finally achieved his original goal. Kyle was awarded the highest honor that a Boy Scout can receive: his Eagle Scout rank. Kyle joins other Eagle Scouts such as Neil Armstrong, Clive Cussler, Gerald Ford, Mike Rowe and more than 2 million others worldwide since 1912. 

Roberta had the honor of being invited to this ceremony and being introduced to the crowd. You just never know when you come to the Indian Boundary Y, either as a participant or an employee, where your future might take you. As Scott explained to Roberta, “You teach so many kids and probably never know what happens to them and the skills that you have provided to them. We wanted to make sure that you knew how you impacted Kyle’s life”.

That bright and sunny Sunday, Kyle not only had his family and friends there to witness his rise in the Boy Scout ranks, but also one proud swim instructor. Scott also shared one additional accomplishment for Kyle. This past summer he received his water skiing badge – something that even Roberta won’t attempt.