Meet Member Evelyn Grala and Val Grala

June 30, 2016


Evelyn and Val signed up for membership 2 years ago."

Meet Member Evelyn Grala and her sister Val Grala


Evelyn and Val joined the Indian Boundary YMCA about 2 years as Silversneakers members. They received an orientation to our Fitness Center and also started attending the Silversneakers classes. They also utilize the track and when they do, complete ½ mile. They workout at the YMCA about 3 times per week.


At the same time that Evelyn became a member here and started her workout activity she also started to monitor her eating. She diligently read food labels, tracked her carbs each day and also used a smaller plate so that she would eat smaller portions.


With this careful watch and planning, Evelyn lost 85 pounds lowered her blood pressure, her sugars went down. The doctor even changed Evelyn’s medication because of the improvement.


With this change in lifestyle, Evelyn and her sister Val are able to take care of an elderly Uncle and lead a very active life. They find gardening and other activities easier now.