Meet Member Al Vosylius

August 16, 2017


20 years ago Al signed up for Personal Training and thought he would only be here for about 3 months, now 20 years later here is Al's story."

Meet Member Al Vosylius

Al came to Indian Boundary YMCA 20 years ago, he signed up for Personal Training and thought that would take about 3 months and now he has been here 20 years later.

Al was recently part of the Honor Flight Chicago 80th Flight, he served in Korea. Al said it made him feel very important and the celebration was full of many volunteers. Al was also interviewed by Channel 7 for his service and dedication.

Al came to America as a young man and a short time later served our country.

In his lifetime Al has completed over 100 Triathlons. He started out by doing Marathons and after 4 of them switched to Triathlons so that it would not be as much impact on his body. He has travelled all over the United States and at age 85 completes about 3 Triathlons per year. In 2015 Al achieved the World Triathlon Championship in his age group “Team USA Triathlon”.

When here at Indian Boundary YMCA you will find Al in our group cycling classes, swimming, weight lifting and using the cardio machines. Al works out 5 times per week and often rides his bike to the Y.

Al’s other interests include; cross country ski races, the last one he competed in was in New Zealand and he belongs to the VFW and sings in his Parish choir.

After 20 years at the YMCA Al says the staff is friendly and caring, the equipment is good and he has met many good friends. The YMCA is a great contribution to the community.

Al worked in Industrial Products and was Director of Overseas business and holds 2 Masters Degrees.